Tax Attorney – Things To Consider When Hiring One

A Tax Attorney is an individual who has the specialized knowledge and experience necessary to prepare and present your tax returns to the IRS. Generally, an attorney is an enrolled agent who has earned a minimum of seventy continuing legal education credits to keep their license active and apprised of changes in the law. An […]

How to Defend Yourself Against an IRS Audit?

The first step in defending against an IRS audit is hiring a tax attorney. Your tax lawyer is well-versed in the processes governing the summons and interview. An experienced IRS Audit defense attorney in Fort Wayne, Indiana will advise you not to discuss the case with the IRS unless your lawyer is present. Mistakes made […]

What Are the Benefits of a Certified Boulder Tax Attorney?

A business owner can get help from no fewer than five qualified Boulder tax attorneys, unless you have an exceptionally good lawyer in town. Business tax lawyers are experts in local, state, and federal taxation. They know what it takes of a business from a legal tax perspective, and can help make sure you don’t […]