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“If you elect me as your state representative, will I defend your Constitutional rights? Yes, of course I will. The center of gravity for the restoration of your God-inspired, God-given freedoms is at the state level, not in Washington. I will defend ALL of your liberties. I am going to work my heart out to fundamentally restore America. In this, I will put steel on target. I will be your hammer for liberty.”

Terry, on America, Americans, and Our Constitutional Rights, 25 September 2009

“After God’s grace, the true power of America lies in our vast economic strength, and that strength comes from our freedom as American citizens to seek higher education or employment or to start a business whenever and wherever we please. These things used to be simple, now they are not, and we have our government to blame. All the government has to do is stay out of our way and let us flourish. That’s the American way. When we stick to it, no nation on earth can compete with us. That’s the path that led us to greatness. As soon as possible, we must get back on track, and never stray again.”

Terry, on Your Economic Prosperity and Freedom, 10 May 2010


Mom and Dad, May 1957 (2)

Terry’s mother and father, Jesse and Dianne, just before his birth in 1957


Dr. Terry Johnson, the son of Jesse and Dianne Johnson, was born in Portsmouth, Ohio, in 1957. He attends Cornerstone United Methodist Church.

His father served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War before returning home to work at the Piketon Uranium Enrichment Plant for more than 40 years. Terry grew up in a blue collar family where he learned to work hard, and believing that as an American, he could be anything that he wanted to be, if only he would be honest  and apply himself to his fullest potential. Terry heeded that advice and excelled at all that he did, becoming the first of the Johnson family to ever attend college.

Terry, a life-long resident of Scioto County spent most of his years growing up on Duck Run Road in McDermott.  He graduated from Northwest High School in 1975, and received a bachelor’s degree in history from Ohio University, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 1985. Then, in 1991, he graduated as a physician from the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine (OUCOM). He completed his residency training in Family Practice at Doctor’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and in 1994 he returned to the Portsmouth area to practice medicine.

A A A A A DSC_8062

Terry, receiving the colors at the closing ceremony for a military medical mission that he led to Ecuador in 2007

Like his father before him, Terry served in the military. Retiring as a Colonel in October of 2011, Terry wrapped up an extraordinary and distinguished military career in the Ohio Army National Guard.  He was commissioned into the Guard while still a fourth year medical student, beginning as a Second Lieutenant. In just twelve years, he became a full Colonel. Terry had two commands: the first as a medical company commander in an armored brigade, and the other as a wartime commander at the helm of Ohio’s medical assets for seven years. A Senior Flight Surgeon, he became the Ohio Army National Guard’s first State Aviation Medical Officer. Terry deployed on numerous overseas missions, both humanitarian and operational. He had three deployments in the Global War on Terror, and served twice in Iraq. He finished his career as the State Surgeon of the Ohio Army National Guard, the highest position attainable for a Medical Corps officer at the time of his service. Many know Terry from the personal accounts that he authored from the war in Iraq, which were published in the Portsmouth Daily Times and Community Common newspapers in southern Ohio. Through those “Letters Home”, Terry shared his experiences as he supported and served our military heroes in the combat theater.

Heavily influenced by his Appalachian roots, Terry grew up deeply patriotic and with a reverence for God and a profound respect for the men and women of the United States military. Terry’s love for public service stems from his abiding love of his country. He understands that the United States of America is exceptional because of the manner in which it was founded. Terry believes that God was at the center of that process, and that His will was woven into the very fabric of our founding documents, especially the United States Constitution. American rights, American liberties – OUR very freedom – is based on God’s law and has been sustained and nurtured through His influence in the birth and subsequent course of our nation. For Terry, that is what American Exceptionalism is all about. It is the foundation for America’s greatness, and for her goodness. Terry believes that the principles of God provide the path for effective government and society and for that reason he has great faith in the American system. Even when we have strayed from our course, that course can be corrected.

Terry served as Scioto County Coroner from 2002 through 2010, and left that position when he was elected as State Representative in Ohio’s 89th District. As coroner, he developed and maintained a close working relationship with all levels of law enforcement. He aggressively investigated prescription drug overdoses in his county and sounded a trumpet call for his community and state to take action on this devastating problem. Terry was instrumental in the formation of the Scioto County Prescription Drug Abuse Action Team, urged the declaration of this problem as a “Public Health Emergency”, and partnered with others to spur the governor to take statewide action. Upon his election as State Representative, Terry immediately sought out and partnered with Representative Dave Burke, a pharmacist, to author House Bill 93, known commonly as the “Anti-Pill Mill Bill”. Remarkably, Johnson and Burke were able to move this sweeping public policy legislation through all required committees and through both the House and the Senate, passing it unanimously in each, and placed it on the governor’s desk for signature in just five months. Shortly after passage of this bill, working closely with the new governor, the attorney general, federal and local law enforcement and with the continued courageous actions of his friends and neighbors, citizens of his community, all of the Pill Mills in Scioto County were closed. Just as he did in his military career, Terry established himself in the Ohio Legislature as a leader who gets things done. “Promises Made – Promises Kept!”

Since first winning the position of Scioto County Coroner, Terry has consistently been among the county’s top vote earners, regardless of office or party. Terry has a solid reputation of putting service to the people above political agendas and argument. That attitude translates into uncommon support from citizens across all party lines.

In his workaday world, Terry also does extraordinary things. Since graduating from OUCOM, Terry has been involved in the direct primary care of patients. As a Family Physician who has worked in a variety of settings, from Family Practice to ER and Urgent Care, Terry has literally treated or managed the healthcare of many, many thousands of southern Ohioans. He has also been a medical educator from the very beginning of his career. In that capacity, he has touched the lives of hundreds of pre-med and medical students, as well as medical trainees at various stages of medical residency training. As a mentor and role model, he has had a lasting impact on the way these young doctors practice medicine. Terry is a Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine and an Assistant Dean at OUCOM. He is the former Director of the Family Practice Residency at Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC). He has been recognized locally and on a state and national basis as an exceptional teacher and physician: in 2010, his medical students awarded him the honor of “Family Physician of the Year” at SOMC; the following year, he was recognized by the Ohio Academy of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians as “Family Physician of the Year” in Columbus, Ohio; in 2011 he was also proclaimed national “Physician of the Year” by the American Osteopathic Foundation, with the award presented in Orlando, Florida. An advocate for the health of his community, Terry most recently identified and highlighted the very poor health indices of his home county (Scioto ranked last in the state) and took a leadership role in doing something about it. To date, two health summits have been held, both of which gained the attention and support of the Ohio Department of Health, and the Scioto County Health Coalition was established as a result. Terry is determined to make his home community and the surrounding region a more healthful place for his friends and neighbors to live.

At the center of Terry’s medical practice and his osteopathic treatment philosophy is a very simple concept: “It’s about the patient!” Terry believes that we need to restore the supremacy of the patient/physician relationship in all aspects of American medicine, and get back to the basics of what good patient care really means.

2010 and 2011 IATP

Along those same lines, Terry has developed a similar philosophy toward his constituents. When you see his campaign slogan, “It’s about the people!” you can rest assured that he really means it!

According to Terry, “God gave us a great and free nation, and our military has fought to preserve it. As our defenders of liberty, they have shed their blood for us on every continent and every sea.”

Look at Terry’s correspondence and literature, and you are likely to see the Motto of the Great State of Ohio: “With God, all things are possible.” Before all of Terry’s events and meetings, a prayer is offered, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag is recited. Terry is not ashamed of his Christian religion, his respect for the beliefs of others, or of his love for his country. Additionally, he has absolutely no fear for those who seek to diminish or disparage our religious beliefs or our love of America.  Terry is a staunch defender of our beliefs and our Constitutional rights.

Terry is a frequent speaker at all sorts of community events, and is well known and respected throughout southern Ohio.  Terry loves his District and is intimately involved in making it better place to live and work. He spends every possible moment that he can right here at home, with the people who elected him, and can frequently be found visiting a local school or talking at an area veteran’s event.

In the Ohio House of Representatives, he serves on the Health and Aging Committee as well as the Transportation and Homeland Security Committee. Remarkably, even as a freshman legislator, he was selected as Chairman of the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, a position in which he continues to serve in his current term. He was given this duty in recognition of his military service and leadership as well as his unparalleled love and support for the US military and its veterans.

Before he was elected to the Ohio House, Terry was priviledged to serve on the Gold Star Families Project as a member of the Executive Committee. That project culminated in Ohio’s Gold Star License Plate, which is available to the families of our heroes who have fallen in combat theaters. In his role as a legislator, Terry has been honored by both the Buckeye Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America and AMVETS as legislator of the year.

In his effort to guard the United States Constitution and American rights and liberties, Terry has supported all legislation that strengthens our founding principles and preserves our freedoms. He has fought hard to make our state freer for all of our citizens, and has been a hammer for the restoration and preservation of the Second Amendment, YOUR constitutional right to keep and bear arms. A strong proponent of American business and jobs, Terry fights to get government off the backs and out of the way of Ohio businesses and workers. He is proud that Ohio’s $8 billion budget gap was closed without raising your taxes! In fact, Terry fought to eliminate the death tax, which is a terrible, unfair burden on Ohio’s families, especially our farmers. Terry is an unwavering warrior for the dignity and preservation of human life. He has voted for and strongly supported every piece of legislation that would help us responsibly secure and utilize Ohio’s vast energy reserves, whether they be gas, petroleum, or coal, and he believes that using these reserves in a free and competitive environment can bring about an unprecedented wave of prosperity and jobs. With proper energy leadership, Ohio can be a model for America. Terry fully supports the expansion of the American Centrifuge Plant in Piketon, Ohio, and he has been a tireless advocate for the proposed New Steel factory that could be built at Haverhill, Ohio. He sees both projects as “game changers” for our region. Along with his colleagues in the Ohio House and Senate, Terry successfully fought to keep Ohio Precious Metals from leaving the state and taking with it hundreds of good paying jobs. Terry will continue to fight to improve the infrastructure of our region, from roads to marinas, and will not be satisfied until jobs are once again good and plentiful. One of Terry’s gifts is his ability to cooperate and work well with others. He has established working relationships with people and agencies at all levels, and will continue to use these relationships to the benefit of his district.

Until the 131st General Assembly, Terry was the ONLY physician in the Ohio legislature, and his colleagues on both sides of the aisle seek him out for his expertise on the myriad issues involving healthcare and drug abuse. The health of Ohio’s citizens must be one of the legislature’s highest priorities, and it dominates the lion’s share of the state budget. As such, Terry brings to the table invaluable expertise and knowledge regarding medicine and health policy.

Terry is married and has four sons and two grandchildren. He has been married to his wife, Jennifer, for 23 years. Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and Ohio Northern School of Pharmacy.  Son Jesse graduated from Portsmouth High School and Ohio University. Steve graduated from Northwest High School and Ohio Christian University. Tye graduated from Valley High School and is now a junior at The Ohio State University. Youngest son Nick  graduated from Valley High School and plans to attend college next year. All four of his boys were active in scouting and high school varsity sports. Notably, Tye and Nick both achieved the exceptional distinction of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. His grandchildren are Kaylin and Jack, both are children of Jesse and his wife Amanda.

“We must guard against the further erosion of our constitutional rights, and seek to restore those that have been infringed. I will fight to my last breath to defend our way of life, our God-given rights, our Constitution…”

Terry on America, Americans, and Our Constitutional Rights, 27 July 2010


Terry at home in McDermott, Ohio, on his 40th birthday, with his two youngest sons, Tye and Nick


Terry A. Johnson, D.O.

Assistant Dean, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OUHCOM), Athens, Ohio

Clinical Professor, Family Medicine, OUHCOM

American Osteopathic Association Health Policy Fellow

State Representative, 90th District, Ohio

Colonel, Senior Flight Surgeon, Ohio Army National Guard (RET)



American Osteopathic Association

American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians

Ohio Osteopathic Association

Ohio State Medical Association

American Osteopathic Academy of Addiction Medicine

American Academy of Addiction Psychiatrists

American Legion

Veterans of Foreign Wars (Life Member)

Society of U.S. Army Flight Surgeons (Life Member)

National Rifle Association (Life Member)

Buckeye Firearms Association

The Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association



Medical Director, The Counseling Center, 01 March 2016 to May 2017

State Representative, 90th District, Ohio, 132nd General Assembly, January 2017 to present

Chairman, Ohio Armed Services, Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security Committee, January 2017 to present

State Representative, 90th District, Ohio, 131st General Assembly, January 2015 to 2017

Chairman, Ohio Armed Services, Veterans Affairs and Public Safety Committee, January 2015 to 2017

Member, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, January 2015 to present

Member, Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee, January 2015 to 2017

Member, Ohio House Health and Aging Committee, January 2011 to present

Clinical Professor, Family Medicine, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, 21 March 2014 to present

State Representative, 90th District, Ohio, 130th General Assembly, January 2013 to 2014

Chairman, Ohio House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, 2013 to 2014

Member, Ohio House Transportation and Homeland Security Committee, January 2011 to 2014

Non-voting House Member, Ohio Schools Facilities Commission, 2011 to 2014

Medical Director, Compass Community Health, 01 February 2012 to 29 February 2016

Chairman, All-Hands Committee, Scioto County Health Coalition, 2012 to 2013

State Representative, 89th District, Ohio, 129th General Assembly, 2011 to 2013

Chairman, Ohio House Veterans Affairs Committee, 07 September 2011 to December 2012

Vice Chairman, Ohio House Veterans Affairs Committee, January 2011 to 06 September 2011

State Surgeon, Ohio Army National Guard, 2010 to 2011


Terry, at the end of his military career, in 2011

Corrections Medicine, Scioto County Jail, 2009 to 2010

Clinical Associate Professor, Family Medicine, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2004 to 2014

Senior Flight Surgeon, Ohio Army National Guard, 2003 to 2011

Commander, Medical Detachment, Ohio Army National Guard, 2003 to 2010

Scioto County Coroner, 2002 to 2011

Assistant Dean, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2001 to present

Deputy Commander, Detachment 6 (Medical) STARC Ohio, 2002 to 2003

Cub Master, Boy Scouts of America, Pack 6044, 2002 to 2003

Battalion Flight Surgeon, HHC, 1/137th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 2000 to 2002

President, Scioto County Medical Society, 2000

Director, Family Practice Residency Program, Southern Ohio Medical Center, 1999 to 2012

American Osteopathic Association Health Policy Fellowship, 1999

State Aviation Medical Officer, 1998 to 2003

Executive Officer, Detachment 6 (Medical) STARC Ohio, 1998 to 2000

Clinical Assistant Professor, Family Practice, Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1998 to 2004

Federal Aviation Administration Aero-medical Examiner, 1997 to 2008

Director, Medical Education, Southern Ohio Medical Center, 1997 to 2000

Flight Surgeon, Ohio Army National Guard, 1996 to 2003

Medical Director, Wheelersburg Urgent Care Center, 1996 to 1997

Commander, Company C (Medical), 237th Forward Support Battalion, Ohio Army National Guard, 1995 to 1997

Brigade Surgeon, 37th Armor Brigade, Ohio Army National Guard, 1995 to 1997

Emergency Department Physician, Southern Ohio Medical Center, 1993 to 1998

Psychiatric Officer of the Day, Veteran’s Hospital, Chillicothe, Ohio, 1993 to 1994

Emergency Department Physician, Selby General Hospital, 1993 to 1994

General Practitioner, Circleville Medical Associates, 1993 to 1994

Clinical Instructor, Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1992 to 1998

Family Practice Residency, Doctors Hospital, Columbus, OH, 1992 to 1994, with Board Certification in Family Practice

Medical Corps Officer, Ohio Army National Guard, 1991 to 2011

Internship with Family Practice Emphasis, Doctors Hospital, Columbus, OH, 1991 to 1992, with Diplomat of the Board

Battalion Surgeon, 216th Combat Engineer Battalion, Portsmouth, OH, 1990 to 1995

Medical Service Corps Officer, Ohio Army National Guard, 1990 to 1991

Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Athens, OH, 1987 to 1991, Graduating with the Degree of Doctor of Osteopathy

Ohio University, Athens, OH, 1985, Bachelor of Arts, History (Summa Cum Laude)

Northwest High School, 1975



Medal of Merit, 2017, The Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, 21 April 2017

“Best Public Official”, Reader’s Choice Awards, The Portsmouth Daily Times, September 2016

“Distinguished Legislator”, Food Allergy Research and Education, 2016

“Provider of the Year”, Ohio Alliance of Recovery Providers, 2015

“Best Public Official”, Reader’s Choice Awards, The Portsmouth Daily Times, September 2015

“Legislator of the Year”, Buckeye Chapter, Vietnam Veterans of America, 2015

Good Scout Award, Simon Kenton Council, Tecumseh District, Boy Scouts of America, 21 April 2015

DSC02192 copy S

Terry’s Good Scout Award

“Best Family Doctor”, Reader’s Choice Awards, The Portsmouth Daily Times, 28 September 2014

Presidential Citation, The Ohio Dental Association, 11 September 2014

The Phillips Medal of Public Service, The Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, 26 July 2014

DSC00884 copy

Terry’s Phillips Medal

“State Legislator of the Year”, American Veterans (AMVETS) Department of Ohio, 2013

“Watchdog of the Treasury”, United Conservatives of Ohio, 2012

A A A A A A Watchdog 2012 IMG_2770

Receiving an award for fiscal responsibilty

“State Legislator of the Year”, Buckeye Council, Vietnam Veterans of America, 2012

“Voice of Medicine” Award, Ohio State Medical Association PAC, 2012

“Hero” Award, Living With a Cause, 2011

“Provider of the Year”, Ohio Alliance of Recovery Providers, 2011

National “Physician of the Year”, American Osteopathic Foundation, 2011

A Orlando DSC02716

“Advocate of the Year”, Columbus Osteopathic Association, 2011

“Law Hero” Award, American Red Cross Ohio Valley Chapter, 2011

“Family Physician of the Year”, Ohio Academy of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians, 2011

“Family Physician of the Year” Award, OUCOM/CORE, Southern Ohio Medical Center, 2010

“Military Hero” Award, American Red Cross Ohio Valley Chapter, 2005

“Distinguished Alumnus” Charter Member, Northwest High School, 2003

Graduated Summa Cum Laude, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 1985

National Honor Society, Northwest High School, 1974

Member, State Championship American History Scholarship Team, Northwest High School, 1974



Legion of Merit Medal

Meritorious Service Medal, with two bronze oak leaf clusters

Army Commendation Medal, with three bronze oak leaf cluster

Army Achievement Medal, with one bronze oak leaf cluster

Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, with four bronze oak leaf clusters

National Defense Service Medal, with one service star

Iraq Campaign Medal, with three campaign stars

Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal

Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

Armed Forces Reserve Medal, with silver hourglass and “M” device

Army Service Ribbon

Overseas Service Ribbon

Army Reserve Component Overseas Training Ribbon, with numeral “3”

Senior Flight Surgeon Badge

Expert, Pistol

Sharpshooter, Rifle

Meritorious Unit Commendation, Second Medical Brigade, for service in Iraq 2004

DSC02187 copy_edited-1

Terry’s LOM



Ohio Distinguished Service Medal

Ohio Commendation Medal, with two bronze oak leaf clusters

Ohio Special Service Ribbon, with numeral “3”

Ohio Faithful Service Medal

Ohio Faithful Service Ribbon with three bronze oak leaf clusters

Ohio Recruiter Ribbon

DSC02140 copy

Terry’s ODSM


11 March 2014, 1st Annual USO Statehouse Legislative Luncheon:



I could never have run for the great office of Ohio State Representative without the love and support of my family, may God continue to bless and keep them. I love you all so much!

I could never have run for the great office of Ohio State Representative without the love and support of my family, may God continue to bless and keep them. I love you all so much!